Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Film Physical Properties

Physical Properties of BLOWN BFI 345 (Physical properties of Cast LDPE will differ from Blown film)

BFI 345 is homopolymer film with premium clarity. Film is processed on blown film equipment and can be extruded in 0.003” to 0.030” thickness.

BFI 345C is also produced on our Cast line with excellent clarity in thin gauges.



ASTM Method


Typical Value

Resin Properties

Melt Index D 1238 g/10 min 1.8
Density D 1505 g/cc 0.921
Vicant Softening Point D 1525 oC 100

Film Properties 1

Haze D 1003 % 5.0
Gloss (45o) 2 D 2457 % 70
Tensile Strength @ Break
MD D 882 psi 4000
TD D 882 psi 3400
Elongation @ Break
MD D 882 % 300
TD D 882 % 500
1% Secant Modulus      
MD D 882 % 26,000
TD D 882 % 30,000
Dart Drop Impact Strength D 1709 g 90
Elmendorf Tear Strength      
MD D1922 g 360
TD D1922 g 200

1 Data obtained from film produced in a 3-1/2" Blown Film Line, 8" die with .025" die gap at 130 lbs/hr., 375 degrees F melt temperature, 2:1 BUR, 1.25 mil thickness.

2 Optical properties given for resin with medium slip and anti-block.

FDA Status: This material complies with FDA regulations in CFR, Section 177.1520, paragraph C, Section 2.1, for use in articles that contact food within limitations which are part of the statue or regulations.

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